Daisy's Research Papers

This page contains research papers that I prepared while studying at the Australian National University.

Title Description Document
Acid Sulphate Soils Literature Review A literature review of Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS) in Australia. Provides suggestions on research still required for this important issue in Australia.


ASS Literature Review

Mine site: What to consider if Rhabilitation is to Occur This document looks at three old mine sites analyses the approach being taken at each one to its rehabilitation.


Mine Site Rehabilitation Report

Hydrological Report on Burra Creek Catchment A report examining the hydrological situation for the Googong dam, a major water supply for the Australian Capital Territory.


Burra Creek Catchment

Appendix A (heading page)

Fowlers Gap Regolith Mapping Report A regolith mapping of a paddock at Fowlers Gap, a property near Broken Hill.


Fowlers Gap Report

Effects of Changes in Agricultue Practices along the GBR An analysis (through literature research) of the effects of the changes in agriculture practices along the coast of Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef.


GBR Carbonate Reef Study

Gibralta Falls Brochure Early university work: an A2 brochure showing the landscape processes at Gibralta Falls. Gibralta Falls Poster Project
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